Sunday, October 18, 2009

Why am can't I stop playing John Legend?!?!

Haha this is all besides the point!

Yesterday was probably one of the funniest days of snowboarding ever! It was the season opening of Yeti resort, it's on the other side of Mt.Fuji that I'm able to see. Being in the Halloween spirit as I mentioned in earlier posts if you wear a costume you get in for free...and people wore some costumes! Also, snowboarding with a beard is harder than you think!!!! Very intesting to see people snowboaring in costume too! I highly recommend it!

Hmmm should I show my favorite first??? Nah, here was my get up...

It was pretty good for being free. Lol there was actually another Santa on the slopes but it was all good...really funny day. Here's some of the Shenannagins(sp?):P

I thought this was an interesting couple, French Maid and weird guy with a suit on one side and all funky on the other :P Anyone know who he is???

Ok and this guy needs some explaining!!!

Unfortunately I didn't get any shots of him snowboarding down hill with that table eating those mikan's! He had two boards connected to the bottom of the table(kotatsu) and a pillow taped to his ass....mind you he was only wearing underwear!!!!! Doing all this while trying to ride down... Luckily he had a buddy with him who was trying to ride down on a surfboard!! Hopefully you can see him in this pic...

...It took him a long time to get down :P Lol I was really surprised to see this when I was in the lift line...

Haha lined up right next to a golf course...It was interesting to see people lining up for puts while I finished just my run, Japan is an interesting place huh!?

Ok and for my costume winner!!!THIS GUY!

I could not stop laughing after I took this pic!! AY YAI YAI this country blows me away sometimes this was hallarious! Nothing really to say that pics can's some other snaps of the day, Enjoy!


Katie said...

ahhhhhahah! JAPAN IS THE MOST BIZARRE PLACE IN THE WORLD!!!! these pictures are awesome. your outfit is hilarious and actually cool at the same time. how does that work?!

Helter said...

thanks for this bro..made me laugh. Im sure all the head turning caused a large amount of bailing and/or possibly some fortuitous crashes too!