Friday, October 23, 2009

A quick glimpse of my week!

It's going by pretty smoothly. CRAFT week is awesome, next week party job is so easy :)

And...the cat has been way cool lately, raising her right :)

...killin time while trying to get my japanese license(it's going to take forever)'s funny when people ask me to clock them out, lol takes me a minute

This is Karin, she is hallarious, always has like 5 bags with her. We pick her up from the elementary school across the street before she comes to our school. Basically she talks to me in Japanese and I respond in English and she chica

Diggin the soccer ball!!!

Finally kicked that bug I had too! w00t! Did a little hike this week, hopefully I'll have my license by next weekend granted I don't fail my test, cross your fingers. The weekend is looking pretty chill, might peep a hockey game on Saturday. Driving lessons(!) Sunday morning and might do a hike in the afternoon. Zombie movies in the evening...for some reason I've been playing a lot of chess too....bring it on Bobby Fischer!

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