Friday, October 9, 2009


this month that is....

I'm refraining from going out tonight(FRI) even though I have an unusual amount of energy and am even a border line hyper. Maybe it's from the cat, whenever I get home she's always pretty energetic.

Work today was great! I have 5 classes and time really flies by!!! I even had to start an hour early kind of because I'm helping an old teacher I used to work with prepare for an English test(CHINAMI IS HALLARIOUS). Handled some bizniss at the gym too!

Maybe I'm just stoked that it was PAYDAY = JYEAH. But jeez I have many plans this month AND I still need to book all my tickets back to amurica :P

Oddly enough...these were some of the only pics I took with my phone this week... I really hate this kid...well sometimes. He's very smart but I've figured homie out so we kind of have this mutual respect for each other. If he does well in class, I give him custom mustaches from the stamps I hand out at the end of class... check it.

Jeez that couch is ugly! Unitas is so ghetto I can't believe it. Everything squeaks when you walk on it in the main office. I bet a minor earthquake will make it crumble... lol the elevators don't work(5 story building) and we just have copy machines in front of them. I don't even think there are 5 chairs of the same make in whole place! I'm in charge of the Haloween shenanigins and can barely get anything for a budget it's ridiculous. But it's also the easiest job I've ever had!!!!!!!!
Yeah, I speak English...that's it! But it's also rough coming up with enough stuff to fill an hour with incredibly dull people at times...or even staying awake. Some days that's a killer, and I'm talking when I'm 4 coffees fresh and my first class has me yawning every time I'm reading!

But inside and outside of work everything's going great. Fall is coming and it's getting pretty chili at night. Talked to the pops the other day on skype...I can't wait to come back for the holidays and chill with the 252(aka Me, my sis, and padre). He brought to my attention that it may be the last Christmas we will all spend together for a long time. And we(the 252) have had some pretty rough ones. This will by far be among the best, except when I got a brand spankin new vw gti!!!! unnnnnnh that car was sweet... let's see if I can pull through the depths of my memory(or computers) and pull up a pic... :) maybe a movie will work...
well hopefully that will load but who this vid. blake! my best bud.

Anyways next week goin snowboarding! Going shopping for a new board AND a costume this weekend. I will be sure to post some pics of that bizniss as well as possible prospects of a board I will be riding this season( I know you all are on the edge of your seat for those pics!) anyways I'll end on another pic of my awesome cat... I kinda feel like a weird parent, I know I take a lot of pics of this kitty but I just gotta show youz!!!!!!!!!!!!


Katie said...

*pee wee herman voice* who's a prettyyy kitttyyy!

Jenny said...

ahhhhhh THE KNIFE !!!
$!@#*#$%*("#$%" yeeeah :D