Monday, October 26, 2009

Busy weekend!

Who's that handsome fellow with a mustache in the local mag???

wait...lets take a closer look on a different page :P

discovered this today (Sunday)while waiting for my driving lesson. My teacher happened to be an hour late. HEY BUD! WTF, don't make a lesson Sunday morning @ 8am and forget about it DICK! This Japanese drivers license is definatley going to be a hassle to get :( I love the procedure for getting out of the car....

1. Unbuckle your seat belt.
2. Look for cars coming...wait
3. Open the door 15 cm and look again

But! You can't look, turn off the car, open the door 15cm and then get out...the dude got pissed when I did that! Eff you dude get here on time if I'm paying you $60 an hour!!!!

Anyways on a lighter note....peep out the End of craft week!!!

I really like this one by Hikari...this girl rocks! The little chica throwin up the peace sign in the other photo..

Anyways I need to handle bizniss around here. Would love to put up some funny pics of the rest of my Sunday but that will wait till later. Gotta take out the trash and rest up for another busy day off!! ARRRRRGHHHH!!!!


Katie said...

you're so famous.

alix! said...

I haven't been on your blog in awhile and I can't believe that I missed out on an entire week of laughing out loud ( I hear it's good for the soul).

So what exactly does that magazine article say about you superstar???? I feel like there are so many different angles to choose from judging by the pictures....

All teasing aside, I really do like the mustache. It brings a certain level of sophistication to your look :)